Hypeatized is a new indie game development studio located in Sweden. We are two guys with completely opposite skills when it comes to game development. One of us is a code guru and recently started modelling. The other guy is a game designer, level designer, 2D artist and sound designer. Between us we manage to cover most of the skills needed for game development. We really enjoy making games and want to give you games with unique looks and experiences.


Julius – Code, Modelling

This is Julius, he is a coder at heart and enjoys problem solving. Modelling is something he started doing recently to be able to make custom models for Gojigaboga.

When he is not working he likes to play table tennis and also coaches several groups in a local club. Board games is a fun thing according to him, he even makes his own. Julius tries to eat healthy but potato chips is his weakness, he needs at least one bag per weekend. His favorite gaming moments are Ocarina of Time and Diablo 2.


Erik – Art, Design, Sound

This is Erik, he is a graphical artist with a love for design. So he gets all company titles ending in ‘designer’.

Sound and music is a hobby, he once owned four guitars. Bikes catches Erik’s interest, especially his Scott Scale MTB. Exercise has always been a part of his life, whether it has been soccer, muay thai or hitting the gym.
His most memorable gaming moment might be Yoshi’s Island or Turtles in Time.



Our first game is called Gojigaboga and it’s a survival-horror adventure game, read more about the game here. Follow us on social media to keep yourself updated on our development.


Hypeatized Studios is subsidiary of Associated Consulting International M1 AB, ACCII.